Why You Should Refill Vs. Exchange Your Propane Grill Cylinder

ropane Grill Cylinder

 Determining whether to refill or exchange propane can be a challenging decision. Yet, with the right knowledge and the reliability of a trusted company like Foster Fuels, choosing propane refill appears as the superior option. In this video, we will explore the reasons why refilling propane grill cylinder is the preferred method for propane replacement. Here’s why you should fill your propane grill cylinder instead of exchanging.  

3 Reasons to Refill Vs. Exchange


First, when it’s time to replenish your grill propane supply, it’s crucial to consider both quantity and cost-effectiveness. Opting for the best value means ensuring you receive the most amount of propane at the most favorable price point.

Another reason to fill vs. exchange is when you choose to exchange a tank, you’ll likely pay a premium compared to a simple refill, and you might not receive as much propane as expected. This is often because newly exchanged tanks are not typically filled to capacity. In many cases, exchanging a propane tank guarantees only 15 pounds of propane for every 20-pound tank, leaving you shortchanged on your propane supply at a higher cost.

Opting for a refill ensures you receive a complete tank of propane at a more economical rate. The price difference between a refill and an exchange is significant, with exchange prices for a 20-gallon propane tank typically running approximately 65% higher than the cost of a refill. Understanding this difference is essential for maximizing your savings and getting the most out of your propane investment.


Choosing propane refill over exchange means getting more propane for less money. It’s that simple. Contact us to learn more.

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