Freight Procedure

– All orders are shipped Through , HYPER ATLANTIC, UPS/FedEx Ground or common carrier. When an order goes by a freight truck, the customer will inspect the delivery upon arrival. Packages will be labeled and noted if any merchandise is broken or damaged before the delivery agent leaves the site.

A. All freight charges are the customer’s responsibility and will be added to all present and future orders.

B. All orders are F.O.B. from ELITE PROPANE TANKS or from the manufacturer. Claims are the responsibility of the shipper.

C. Reshipments due to errors will be shipped UPS/FedEx ONLY.

D. Any quote of freight charges by a salesperson is an estimate only and may vary at delivery time.

Shipping Compressed Gas Cylinders With R+L Global Logistics

If you need help transporting compressed gas cylinders then R+L Global Logistics is the partner you need. We specialize in hauling bulk shipments of freight of all varieties to their destination. This includes hazmat shipments like compressed gas cylinders.

As logistics experts, we will make sure that your shipment will take the fastest and most efficient route possible. Safety is another important policy at R+L Global Logistics which is important when shipping hazmat goods.

Start the shipping process for shipping compressed gas cylinders by filling out your quote today.

Accurate Quotes No Hidden Fees

Whether you need to ship multiple truckloads of goods or just arrange a single truckload freight delivery, we can scale our services to meet your exact business shipping needs.

You’re more than a number to our freight experts. Complete an RFP online now and receive customized solutions that meet your long-term needs. Through strategic partnerships, we’ll help you ship now and into the future.

Need a contract agreement that covers multiple routes? We’ll go above and beyond to provide you with a deal that is fair, accurate, and inclusive. Consistent billing practices mean you won’t deal with any hidden fees.

Shippers trust us with different freight, delivery timelines, and destinations. We pride ourselves on paying close attention to detail and listening to what the customer needs are with each shipment.

A shipping specialist and freight broker will work together to find the best solutions for current and future business needs.
Full truckload freight delivery services at competitive rates.

We only work with the best carriers on the road today to provide you with on-time delivery for all shipments to all destinations.
We’re there right when you need us and can grow with your business.

Our partners offer truckload freight shipping for a variety of industries accounting for thousands of different commodities.
Ship across North America with trustworthy full truckload services.


We’re all seeking ways to simplify our lives so we can spend more time on meaningful activities. Managing your propane deliveries should be the least of your worries. Having a reliable propane supplier you can trust is important for ensuring that your propane refills are a worry-free experience. Automatic propane tank refills let you get on with your business without having to remember to check your propane tank levels. Our advanced delivery and routing system predicts when you need a fill based on your usage history and the temperature patterns in your area. We know when it’s time for a fill and automatically schedule your delivery. 


Person holding tablet looking at the mySuperior App at a desk while drinking coffee.


mySUPERIOR™ puts your propane account at your fingertips. With mySUPERIOR you can schedule a delivery, view SMART* TankTM levels, make payments and more online. Connect to your propane even faster with our mobile app available on both Google Play and the App Store. 

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SMART Tank Monitor on top of a Superior Propane Tank outdoors.


Managing your propane has never been easier. Our remote tank monitoring technology called SMART* Tank™ ensures you always have the fuel you need. SMART* Tank™ detects when it’s almost time for an LPG refill and notifies Superior Propane to automatically schedule the propane delivery. You will also receive text or email notifications with up-to-date propane levels and can view readings, delivery details, and historic usage online at

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At Superior Propane, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of propane home delivery services. With our reliable delivery system, we ensure that our customers receive their propane supply right to their doorstep. Our propane home delivery service is designed to ensure you never run out of propane when you need it the most.

Leave your propane tank refills to us. With us, your propane delivery will be a breeze, sign up for Automatic Delivery for ease and convenience, alternatively order your propane with a quick phone call or a few clicks on our website, you can schedule your refill effortlessly, saving you time.

So, how can you make the best choice for your propane needs, and how can you save the most when you order a propane tank refill? Let’s explore the options and benefits of hassle-free propane home delivery with Superior to give you the most convenient and cost-effective propane experience.

Learn more about all our delivery options here.



Periodic delivery means that we fill your propane tank on a scheduled basis. If you use propane only for non-weather dependent activities like water heat, cooking, or forklifts we can preset your delivery schedule, so you always know when your propane is coming. 

With Automatic Delivery and our No-Run-Out-Guarantee for homes, we take the worry out of ordering propane. With auto delivery, you don’t need to constantly monitor your propane tank levels.

Ideal for: Customers who don’t use very much propane, like seasonal businesses or those businesses using propane forklift where fuel consumption is predictable and consistent.


The Will Call Delivery Program is simple. It means that you contact us and schedule a delivery. It’s a good option if you don’t have a consistent or predictable need for propane, are using propane for a backup generator, or if you need to unlock a gate to receive deliveries. You are responsible for calling Superior when your tank level reaches 30%. Simplify the process and request deliveries online by signing up for a mySUPERIOR™ account.

Ideal for: Customers who have controlled access to their property or use a backup generator. For the ultimate in peace of mind, consider SMART Tank monitoring with Auto Delivery instead.



(Clicking button displays a Superior Propane customer ordering a propane tank refill on a tablet through mySuperior. A Superior Propane trucks delivers propane to their home.)MONITOR SMART*

(Clicking button displays a Smart tank monitor on a Superior Propane tank monitoring the tank level. A couple looks at the tank level on a laptop computer in their living room using their mySuperior account.)MONITOR SMART*

(Clicking button displays a woman sitting outside on a fall day and pays her propane bill using the mySuperior app.)AVAILABLE ANYTIME,

(Clicking button displays a couple walking and talking while pushing their baby in a stroller on a fall day.)AVAILABLE ANYTIME,


REGISTER NOW*Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and
Reporting Technology.


Receive Delivery Updates(Clicking button displays a propane delivery notification on the home screen of a cell phone.)

Request Deliveries(Clicking button displays the requesting of a propane tank top off using the mySuperior app on a cell phone.)

See Tank Levels & History(Clicking button displays checking the propane tank level at a cottage using the mySuperior app on a cell phone.)

View Balance & Pay Bills(Clicking button displays reviewing a variety of payment cards that are linked to a customer’s Superior Propane account on a cell phone.)

Manage Multiple Locations & Users(Clicking button displays checking the propane tank level at a home, the office, greenhouse, and restaurant using the mySuperior app on a cell phone.)


At Superior Propane, we understand that every home and business has unique energy needs. Our delivery options are designed not just to provide propane, but to adapt seamlessly to your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you’re a homeowner who values consistency or a business that requires flexibility, our delivery plans cater to a spectrum of requirements. From scheduled deliveries to on-demand refills, we’ve got you covered. Life is unpredictable, and so are energy needs. That’s why our services are built to adjust. Whether it’s a sudden spike in usage or a planned event, trust Superior Propane to synchronize with your pace. It’s not just about propane; it’s about the promise of reliability, efficiency, and unparalleled customer service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every interaction, every delivery, and every service call reflects our commitment to excellence. Dive into a world where propane delivery aligns with your expectations, where services mold to fit your requirements. Ready to experience the Superior difference? Explore more on the mySUPERIOR appTM or contact us today.

“Very satisfied with the service. I get an email notification of the tank level, automatic refill when required and payments are automatic.”



Switching to Superior Propane is easier than you think. Contact us today and we’ll help you switch.

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