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Propane Tank Expert provide premium quality Tanks by making luxury affordable to a larger section of people. They deal with both pre-owned and new products thereby making luxury available to all their customers without compromising the quality of the product.


    Freight Procedure

    – All orders are shipped HYPER ATLANTIC, UPS/FedEx Ground or common carrier. When an order goes by a freight truck, the customer will inspect the delivery upon arrival. Packages will be labeled and noted if any merchandise is broken or damaged before the delivery agent leaves the site.

    A. All freight charges are the customer’s responsibility and will be added to all present and future orders.

    B. All orders are F.O.B. from LP PROPANE  or from the manufacturer. Claims are the responsibility of the shipper.

    C. Reshipments due to errors will be shipped UPS/FedEx ONLY.

    D. Any quote of freight charges by a salesperson is an estimate only and may vary at delivery time.

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    15340 Cabrito Rd, Van Nuys, CA

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    We are a Kitchener-based, family-operated business with more than four decades of experience in providing competitively priced propane tanks and related services. Our extensive selection includes various sizes and styles of propane tanks to suit your needs, and our knowledgeable, non-commissioned staff is here to help you find the perfect propane solution while respecting your budget. With a wide range of options and dedicated assistance, you can trust us to meet your propane tank requirements.

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