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1000 Gallon Underground Propane Tank help retain your curb appeal. Once buried, only the lid is seen protruding from the ground. The lid keeps the regulator, gauges, and filling port from exposure to the elements. We offer different propane tank sizes to meet a wide range of residential and commercial needs. When filled, the volume of propane is approximately 80% of the total tank capacity to allow for expansion. These large propane tanks are typically used for whole home systems, home heating, generators, pool heat, commercial cooking, drying cleaning, and crop drying. The tank is about 6′ 3/16″  tall and 15′ 11″ long. It is appropriate for most buildings ranging from 4500 sq. ft. and up. Metered systems for small communities and shared commercial buildings commonly install 1000 Gallon Underground Propane Tank as their central propane storage.

This underground propane tank requires you to dig a hole in the yard on your property. Excavating the yard will cause some damage and leave a large patch of dirt. However, you can plant grass and sod, and you’ll eventually be able to plant and landscape this space. In fact, the yard can end up looking even better than before and help raise the value of your property! Above ground propane tanks can be an eyesore and can require more creative landscaping to hide. Underground propane tanks are also surrounded by earth so they’re not as affected by weather conditions and freezing temperatures as above ground tanks.


  • Conforms to the latest edition of ASME Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels, Section VIII, Division 1. Complies with NFPA 58.
  • Rated at 250 psig
  • Heavy duty steel is painted with a mastic application to ensure long life and remain anti-corrosive
  • Vessels shipped with durableliquid
  • All vessels are shipped vacuum pre-purged to enable simplified first fill of the vessel.
  • Green


  • Still under factory vacuum seal, must have local propane provider fill the tank for the first time.
  • First fill requires propane provider to break the suction seal by filling the POL valve with Methanol. After that it can be filled through the ACME fill valve.


  • Water Capacity: 1000 Gallons
  • Outside Diameter: 41″
  • Head Type: Hemi
  • Overall Length: 15′ 11″
  • Riser Height: 6′ 3/16″
  • Leg Width: 16 1/4″
  • Leg Spacing: 9′ 0″
  • Weight Empty: 1812 lbs.
  • Size: 14 Inch x 40 Inch
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